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"If we knew what we were doing, if would not be called research, would it?" - Albert Einstein 

"Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Profile and Baselines at a Non- Haunted Control Location" - Schumacher, D., Biddle, K., & Vickers, T. (2023). Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Profile and Baselines at a Non- Haunted Control Location. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 37(1), 114-123.

There has been little to no environmental and experience data collected at randomly selected non-haunted control sites despite the call for researchers and field investigators to do so over twenty years ago. Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and their association and correlation with haunted locations and haunt-type phenomena have been studied by both academics and hobbyist ghost hunters/paranormal investigators.

Things That Go Bump in the Literature: An Environmental Appraisal of “Haunted Houses-Neil Dagnall, Kenneth G. Drinkwater, Ciaran O'Keeffe, Annalisa Ventola, Brian Laythe, Michael A. Jawer, Brandon Massullo, Giovanni B. Caputo & James Hauran. Front. Psychol., 12 June 2020 Sec. Consciousness Research Volume 11 - 2020 

This paper contains a narrative overview of the past 20-years of environmental research on anomalous experiences attributed to “haunted house.” This exercise served as a much-needed update to an anthology of noteworthy overviews on ghosts, haunts, and poltergeists (Houran and Lange, 2001b). We also considered whether new studies had incorporated certain recommendations made in this anthology.

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