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"The Case of the Devil’s Baby of Ravenswood"

Daniel A. Reed

From:  Skeptical Inquirer 

Volume 47No. 1
January/February 2023

     In this solemn country cemetery lies a gravestone that has given rise to a most remarkable story. If you visit this graveyard and quickly glance at the headstone in question, you may not notice anything amiss. From a distance, when you look at the marker of the young George Elwood Sharp, you will notice that a memorial ceramic photo plate is affixed to it...

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"A Journey to Skepticism"

Daniel A. Reed


March 9, 2023

     When I was a very young lad, I remember seeing a magic-trick set in the Christmas catalog and immediately knowing that it was what I wanted for Christmas that year. Why? I grew up watching television shows such as Bewitched, and I remember thinking about how cool it would be to be able to do all the things...

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‘Do You Have Any Questions?’ ‘Why, Yes! Yes, I do!’: A Skeptic Visits a Paranormal Expo'

Daniel A. Reed


June 5, 2023

     It was during the first week in the month of May 2023 that I had the opportunity to experience something that, in all my years of being a paranormal aficionado, I had never once had: the pleasure of attending a paranormal expo. This particular expo occurred in Marietta, Ohio. I was quite excited about the opportunity...

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"Cryptid Festivals and Conventions: Pseudoscience Meets Festival Fun"

Daniel A. Reed

October 19, 2023

     Over the past few months, I—along with other members of the West Virginia Skeptics Society—have attended several festivals and conventions dedicated to myriad cryptid creatures. From my early summer visit to Sutton, West Virginia, for the Bigfoot Festival to my more recent trip to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, for the Mothman Festival, it has certainly been a full season of cryptid themed festivities...

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"No, Psychics and Mediums Are Not ‘The New Therapists’"

Daniel A. Reed

November 1, 2023

...there is a notion, found among both professionals and laypeople, that mediums can be as effective and beneficial as trained therapists in resolving grief. As a former clinical therapist, former student of the occult, current counselor, and skeptic, I can say clearly and unequivocally that they cannot.

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